About us

About Us

AlphaEye is a product from Alpha Image, a company with origins dating back to the original Alpha Image formed in 1987 by MC Patel and Tim Gale, whose engineering experience was honed in the R&D Labs of leading pioneering digital image and storage manipulation companies in the 1980’s.

In 1989 Alpha Image was the first company to pioneer and ship the world’s first production Serial Digital Routing Switchers, providing the backbone to London’s high end Post Production facilities such as The Mill, Smoke & Mirrors and MPC on and into the first half of the 1990’s. Their success extended worldwide with products going on to being used extensively in US, Asian and European Post houses to great acclaim leading to the company ultimately being acquired by Dynatech in 1991.

MC and Tim’s paths diverged in the late 1990’s before coming together again to reincarnate Alpha Image in 2005. The company was focused initially towards custom engineering projects for camera (ARRI) and monitor manufacturers, but it was a natural expectation that Alpha Image would once more produce a product of its own. That product is AlphaEye.

The experience and knowledge MC and Tim acquired in the development of the hugely successful Abekas Zeno 2D DVE and subsequent image and storage manipulation technologies throughout the 1980’s, then for MC again at Discreet Logic/Autodesk in the 1990’s provided a unique insight when applying the still relevant techniques and algorithms to updated 21st century technology. They were both excited at realising that it was now possible to apply high quality image manipulation techniques to unique applications at a vastly more accessible cost. AlphaEye is the first product manifestation of their latest ideas and long collaboration together.

In 2011, MC formed software company Emotion Systems, dedicated to providing automated audio loudness and process solutions for Broadcast Playout and Post Production. Emotion Systems success has been an enabling resource to assist Alpha Image and the development of AlphaEye. AlphaEye is marketed and sold worldwide through Emotion Systems.