Clip showing pre and post lens distortion corrected footage


What it does:
  • Provides lens distortion and perspective correction for any type of lens
  • Supports HD resolution- 1080i, 1080P, 720P
  • Inputs: 1x 3G HD SDI, 1x Genlock, Fibre. HDVI
  • Outputs: 2 3G HD SDI, Fibre, HDVI
  • PC based UI for set up
  • Enabling technology for wider utilisation of low cost small wide angle
    Broadcast HD cameras in variety of applications.

The use of small broadcast quality HD cameras with wide angle or fisheye lenses have become increasingly prevalent in live broadcast applications such as sport, ENG, wildlife programming, and RealityTV, with non-broadcast use in medical, forensics/security and online gaming. For creative as well as other considerations, lens distortion and curvilinear perspective errors arising from the use of these camera lenses and camera positioning can produce results which can be considered undesirable and require correction. For live image feeds, rendered software based offline processing is not possible. AlphaEye addresses the problem directly through a hardware based sub pixel geometry engine that can correct for lens distortion in realtime. The corrected output exhibits no visible artefacts at all operational HD resolutions and is suitable for all high bar broadcast applications.

Pre corrected live feed showing classic lens distortion
and curvilinear perspective artefacts
AlphaEye corrected live feed with lens distortion
and curvilinear perspective artefacts removed

System Configuration

The AlphaEye does not require co-location to the camera source. The unit can be located remotely via industry standard 3G co-axial cable subject to commensurate distance limits, but optionally supports fibre connections up to and beyond distances of 1000 metres. Additionally, the unit has a Genlock input removing the need for external Genlock/Synchroniser hardware.

PC/MAC based UI

Configuration requires the one time connection via USB of the AlphaEye unit to a Mac or Windows laptop or hand held Windows based Microsoft Surface Tablet to set up and save the correction parameters of the distorted image source feed. Once configured, the set up is saved to the AlphaEye unit, and the external USB laptop/tablet device can be disconnected.

Watch this video introduction to AlphaEye.

Detailed AlphaEye setup video

AlphaEye Specifications:


Available image correction parameters:

  • Strength of lens distortion correction. Separate X&Y or X&Y Ganged correction.
  • Zoom. Separate X&Y or X&Y Ganged correction
  • Rotate
  • X axis projection (x axis tilt)
  • Y axis projection (y axis tilt)
  • X axis offset
  • Y axis offset

Additional user defined input selection, output progressive/interlace, x axis flip, save/discard settings, indicators for input presence and genlocked on/off. There is also an offline mode where no input feeds are present.


  • 3cm(H) x 12cm(W) x 15.5cm(D – including connectors)
  • Weight 400gm
  • Inputs: 1x 3G HD SDI, 1x Genlock, HDVI, optional Fibre
  • Outputs: 2x 3G HD SDI, HDVI


  • Fan cooled <40dbA
  • Operating Temp <30°C
  • External power block supply (supplied).
  • 100-240v AC 1.5amp max 50/60hz
  • IEC 60320 C13 power cable appropriate to international region
  • Power block to AlphaEye DC cable length 1m.
Rear Panel Video I/O
Front Panel Control I/O, and Power